We are the Hanna Family from Freeport Grand Bahama Island in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

       We, Tavaro and Shameika, have been married for twelve wonderful years and have been blessed with three sweet Servants in the Making: Genesis (8yrs), Legacy (4yrs) and Providence (1yr). We have always been active in the Lord's Church wherever we have lived but have strongly desired to do more and be of greater service to the people of God and the Cause of Christ.

      In January 2016, we left all our possessions behind along with our jobs and used our savings to move to Memphis Tennessee to attend the Memphis School of Preaching. It is a two-year program that teaches sound doctrine and is respected among Christians all over the United States. For more information on the school please visit their website www.msop.org.

    Our schooling will be completed in January 2018 and we will at that time move back to Grand Bahama and begin work as full-time Domestic Missionaries in the Community of our origin, Eight Mile Rock. In order to work in this capacity however, we must seek the support of the Lord's Church.

About Us


Please examine the following document for the details of Phase I of our intended work.