Tim Lewis

 Preacher: N MacArthur Church of Christ, OK

 Author of The Domino Effect

 Time known: 9 years

 Steve Minor

 Preacher: Kingfisher Church of Christ, OK

 Founder of Legacy Family Camp

 Speaker at Marriage Seminars

 Time known: 9 years

 Cell: 405.609.4122

 Glenn Colley

 Preacher: West Huntsville Church of Christ, AL

 Speaker, author and founder of:

 Time known: 3 years

 Dan Jenkins

 Preacher: Palm Beach Lakes Church, FL

 Speaker, campaign leader

 Time known: 6 years


 James Miller

 Preacher: Freeport Church of Christ (BHMS)

 Elder, Retired Engineer

 Time known: 30 years

 Caleb Fairchild

 Member of the Memorial Rd. Church of Christ

 Pharmacist, Volunteer in the Church's Work

 Time known: 14 years

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  B.J. Clarke

  Director of the Memphis School of Preaching

  Gospel Preacher

  Time known: 2 years

 Ellison Delva

 Preacher: Freeport Church of Christ (BHMS)

 Elder, Certified Public Accountant

 Time known: 35 years