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It is our dream to work with congregations who share the desire to "go into all the world and preach the gospel unto every creature." Our island in the sun is often written off as a vacationing spot with little or no thought given to the 300,000 souls occupying those sunny shores. There is indeed a need for labourers in the white harvests of The Bahamas.

      The cost of living on the island is high because most goods are imported from the USA and therefore carry a significant markup. Since the island is just 52 miles off the cost of Florida, many Bahamians ferry over to do their own family shopping and determine it cheaper to pay the government's duty (which is 45% plus a VAT of 7.5% for a significant number of items).

      Congregations considering supporting the work can find our budget attached here:           

We also want to encourage you to contact us for funds raised to date. All support should be written to the: Central Church of Christin Moore Oklahoma who will ensure remittance is received. Please be sure to note "Tavaro Hanna Family" on the MEMO line.

     Individuals and families interested in supporting one-time are free to donate using the link here: